Just another fellow homo sapien who is eager to read, learn, and design. Portfolio: phuonglu.com

The enemy will attack when you’re resting on your laurels. I grew up being told to become a modest girl who succeeds in silence, never brags, and tries to downplay my abilities.

Photo by August de Richelieu from Pexels

It was one day when I was in 4th grade, a friend of my mom came to visit us. I don’t remember their conversation, but I guess it was a typical one when the adults talk about family and children. …

How I think about product design as an aspiring designer. My thoughts on the products I like and don’t like.

Experience is the product. While Customer Experience (CX) deals with all the interactions customer has with your brand, User Experience (UX), on the other hand, deals with people interacting with…

Phuong Lu

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