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  • Anh Pham (AP)

    Anh Pham (AP)

    Product Designer. I believe joy exists in simple forms, so does design. I’m studying joys for a living.

  • The Room

    The Room

    UI/UX design boutique From the very begging of times people were wondering about the riddle of the closed door. We’ve found the way to make the mystery public

  • Design at Meta

    Design at Meta

    Designing for the global diversity of human needs.

  • Leon Zhang

    Leon Zhang

    UX design@Amazon. I write to help design students and upcoming designers.

  • Aaron James

    Aaron James

    Sr. Product Designer at Netflix · Dad, Tech, and Movies ·

  • Daniel Williams

    Daniel Williams

    A poverty-stricken, soft Batman by night. Illustrator and writing teacher by day. Previously: McSweeney’s, Slackjaw.

  • My Nguyen

    My Nguyen

    9–5pm pays my bills, 6–12am are where my hobbies and fun comes out to play, I like to read/listen to books

  • Michal Langmajer

    Michal Langmajer

    I am a product professional focusing on mobile app growth and revenue optimizations.‍

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